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Judgment: What the Safe Code Is (The Mystery Writer’s Stratagem)

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Judgment: What the Safe Code Is (The Mystery Writer’s Stratagem)

Judgment has a ton of different Side Cases to play through, many of which present unique challenges or opportunities. There are a few that carry through multiple cases as well, like the Mystery Writer’s Strategem and it’s two following cases. To help you solve this Side Case, here’s what the safe code is (The Mystery Writer’s Strategem) in Judgment.

What the Safe Code Is (The Mystery Writer’s Stratagem) in Judgment

The Mystery Writer’s Strategem is a Side Case that you’ll be able to take from the job board at the Yagami Detective Agency, and it eventually has you solving a puzzle to open a safe.

After you solve the first one, you’ll get two subsequent jobs later on, called The Mystery Writer’s Gambit and The Mystery Writer’s Masterstroke.

If you’re having trouble solving these puzzles, here are the solutions for all three, as well as what the answers are based on.

  • Mystery Writer’s Strategem – 4134 – Based on the number of holds that each number makes
  • Mystery Writer’s Gambit – 3412 – Based on the number of lines in each number
  • Mystery Writer’s Masterstroke – 8925 – The last one is basically a clock, so think of the answers like hands on a clock

Solving all of these will net you a tidy little sum of money and a ton of SP, and the story attached is pretty fun to boot.

There is another benefit, however, as after you’ve beaten Masterstroke a new Friendship Event will open up at Shellac in the Champion District.

There you can talk to the mystery writer himself, Takumi Katagiri, and tell him stories about Side Cases that you’ve solved in order to raise his friendship gauge.

That’s everything you need to know about what the safe code is (Mystery Writer’s Strategem) in Judgment. For even more tips and info make sure to search Twinfinite, or you can take a look at our Judgment guide wiki.

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