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Judgment: All Hidden Move QR Code Locations


Judgment: All Hidden Move QR Code Locations

Judgment has a ton of different moves and skills for Yagami to learn, some of which enhance his combat abilities, and others that grant a variety of special effects for mini-games and the like. In addition to all the skills you have already, there are five Hidden Moves you can find scattered around Kamurocho. Here are all Hiden Move QR Code locations in Judgment.

All Hidden Move QR Code Locations in Judgment

The five hidden QR codes in Judgment will each unlock a powerful new combat skill for you to purchase. These are all hugely beneficial moves that you definitely want, especially the classic Tiger Drop from the Yakuza games.

To be clear, these five QR codes are totally separate from the other ones that you use to unlock new parts for your Drone. We’ll go over the locations for each of the codes, and which skill they unlock.

Gotcha! – Blessing of the Wind God

For this first one you’ll want to head to the Yoshida Batting Center at the northern end of Kamurocho. Go inside the building and then to the little hallway on the right side of the batting cages. You’ll see the poster sitting on the left of the hallway, so just snap a picture.

Blessing of the Wind God allows you to run without flinching from enemy attacks, allowing for easier escapes in Judgment.

Hang in There! – Dire Determination

This one is at the very top of the Millennium Tower, so head into the Kamuro Theater, in the middle of Kamurocho, and take the elevator up to the roof. Once there, head into the hallway on the East side and go all the way to the end.

This unlocks Dire Determination, which lets you counter enemies with triangle while guarding with L1, if you’re at low health.

Toraotoshi – Tiger Drop

For this one head to the Champion District and then into the large alley at the very South end. This is where you tailed the other Detective too at the very beginning of the game. Once you’ve entered the alley, stop and look up and to your right to see the poster.

To actually take a picture of it you’ll need to open your main menu and select your drone, then fly the drone up to the poster.

This poster unlocks the infamous Tiger Drop, letting you hit triangle right before an enemy’s attack lands, to unleash a devastating counter.

Learn Remotely! – EX Light Bullet

Open your map and search for Ebisu Pawn, which is at the South end of the city off of Tenkaichi Street. Head there and then go into the alley just to the left of the pawn shop, on your map. At the North end of the alley by the white parked car, you’ll find the poster.

This one unlocks EX Light Bullet, a devastating EX Action you can only use in the Dice & Cube VR mini-game in Judgment.

Ultimate King Tournament! – EX Tiger Dances With Crane

For the final poster go to West Taihei Boulevard, and to the Wild Jackson. Look straight across the street from Wild Jackson for a sign that says Spunky. There’s an elevator under it that you can enter, so take the elevator up, then go right around the corner to run smack dab into the poster.

This final one unlocks EX Tiger Dances With Crane, the most powerful EX Action in Judgment that can only be used in Tiger Stance, and requires virtually all of your EX Gauge.

judgment, qr codes

judgment, qr codes

judgment, qr codes

That does it for all Hidden Move QR Codes in Judgment. For even more tips, tricks, and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, or you can check out our Judgment guide wiki.

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