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Team Sonic Racing: How to Unlock Final Fortress Tracks

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Team Sonic Racing: How to Unlock Final Fortress Tracks

Team Sonic Racing lets you race through tracks from across Sonic the Hedgehog’s long history. Each one is inspired by a different Sonic level, like Rooftop Run or Sandopolis Zone. There are 21 tracks in total, and while you’ll have access to most of these from the get-go, you have to unlock the final three. Here’s how to unlock Final Fortress tracks in Team Sonic Racing.

How to Unlock Final Fortress Tracks in Team Sonic Racing

Final Fortress consists of three tracks, all of which are themed around Doctor Eggman’s enormous floating fortress. They’re some of the most challenging tracks in the whole game with tons of different obstacles to avoid, and tight lanes that really force racers next to each other.

Luckily, unlocking the tracks is pretty easy, it just takes some time. You’ll have to play all the way through Team Adventure Mode. There are nine “zones” in team adventure mode, and although you don’t have to play every level, you will need to play through all the main races in order to proceed to the next zone.

Reach the ninth zone, Final Fortress, and then play through until the last level, called Final Showdown. Your team needs to win this race in order to complete Team Adventure mode, which will then give you a few different rewards, including full access to the Final Fortress tracks.

With that, here’s a full track list for Team Sonic Racing.

Planet Wisp

  • Wisp Circuit
  • Mother’s Canyon
  • Doctor’s Mine

Seaside Hill

  • Ocean View
  • Lost Palace
  • Whale Lagoon


  • Ice Mountain
  • Frozen Junkyard
  • Hidden Volcano

Casino Park

  • Roulette Road
  • Bingo Party
  • Pinball Highway


  • Sand Road
  • Boo’s House
  • Clockwork Pyramid

Final Fortress

  • Thunder Deck
  • Dark Arsenal
  • Turbine Loop

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Final Fortress tracks in Team Sonic Racing. For even more tips, guides, and info make sure to search Twinfinite.

Team Sonic Racing is currently available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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