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Mordhau: What the Best Weapons Are

Mordhau, best weapons

Mordhau: What the Best Weapons Are

If you’re a fan of games set in medieval times, Mordhau should have your attention. This fast-paced multiplayer experience plays like a blend of For Honor and Warband, mixing weighty first-person melee combat with the strategy and tactics. But if you’re diving into the game for the first time, you’ll probably want to know what the best weapons are in Mordhau, so here are a few things to consider.

What the Best Weapons Are in Mordhau

Mordhau is a competitive multiplayer game, and as such it’s been balanced in a way that gives each weapon type it’s own positives and negatives. There isn’t really one go-to weapon that’s better than others. It really does come down to player preference.

That said, there are some types that are easier to master than others.


We recommend newcomers start with the longsword as it’s a versatile weapon that’s pretty good in all situations. As in, you’ll be effective in team situations as well as duals. It also has a nice alternative attack that allows you to hit opponents with the cross guard. It is classified as a 3-5 point duel weapon.

The Bastard sword is also a good option for new players, especially if you prefer getting up close and personal to your opponents.

As a general rule, fast weapons are more suitable for dueling and big weapons are better for team fights. In this sense, the ‘best weapons’ are really dependent on the situations.

Also, remember that blunt weapons are more effective versus armored opponents, whereas bladed weapons deal greater damage to unarmored opponents.

Longer Reach

Long weapons like spears, Halberds, and quarterstaffs are really effective in team fights because of their long range. The same weapon types are also the best for mounted attacks, too, as it’s really quite tricky to accurately aim a sword on horseback.

Other popular allrounder weapons include the Greatsword and Zweihänder since again, they have both reach and speed.

Longer reach weapons in Mordhau typically cost 6-8 point weapons, while support weapons like the Zweihänder cost 8+ points.

1 v 1

If you want a dual specific weapon, you can’t beat the speed of a Rapier or Broadsword –especially in combination with light armor.

Remember that in addition to longer reach weapons like Spears and Halberds having a speed disadvantage, they also require more stamina to swing than smaller weapons. This is another reason why you’ll want shorter, faster weapons in a 1v1 duel.

Alternate Grips

It’s worth keeping in mind that Mordhau, most weapons have an alternate-grip which can be accessed by pressing ‘R.’

The alternate grip changes a weapons’ range, sacrificing either damage or range depending on what you’re wielding. For example, the Spear and Halberd can switch either long or short grip for either speed or power; the Greatsword and Zweihänder can switch to half-sword grip for a similar effect.

Learning how to best use these alternative grips will play into which weapon you’re most comfortable with, as well as which weapon is most suitable for a given situation.

Ultimately, what you’ll want to do is experiment with all of Mordhau’s different weapons and get a feel for what best suits your style of play.

That does it for what the best weapons are in Mordhau. For more guides and information on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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