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Mario Kart Tour: How to Drift and Snake

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour: How to Drift and Snake

Drifting is key to being successful in any Mario Kart game. This is especially true in Mario Kart Tour. When you successfully perform a drift, you’ll get a little boost. Those little boosts add up to more first-place finishes. Here’s how you can perform drifts in Mario Kart Tour.

Drifting and Snaking in Mario Kart Tour

How to Perform a Drift

Drifting wasn’t a massively difficult task in past Mario Kart games. Yet, it was a crucial part of having a successful race. Mario Kart Tour makes this maneuver incredibly easy.

First, you need to know how to steer. As you accelerate automatically, you can swipe left or right to move in the corresponding direction. If you hold after swiping left or right, then you’ll continue to turn in that direction. This is the beginning of the drift.

Once you start to see sparks flying from your kart’s rear tires, you’re drifting. It’s the easiest drift in any Mario Kart game because it’s just built into regular turning. The new drift can take a little getting used to, but Mario Kart Tour’s simple mobile controls make it easy to master.

There’s also manual drifting, which is just as easy but enables more drifting options. Manual drifting can be enabled via the in-game settings menu.

Advantages of Drifting

Sure, drifting looks cool, but there are plenty of advantages to this move besides just the simple aesthetics. Drifts can make turning feel super smooth. If you can become a master of this maneuver, it’ll make going around turns feel like you’re driving on butter. Even though you’re essentially just sliding on your tires, you still have plenty of control to avoid crashes.

Even better, when you successfully finish a drift, you’ll get a nice little boost that will help push you closer to that first-place finish. There are two levels of boost that you can get from drifting in Mario Kart Tour. There’s the mini boost, the super mini boost, and the ultra mini boost if you turn on manual drifting.

When you start to see blue sparks coming out of your wheels, you’ll get a mini boost. Orange sparks are a sign that you’ll get a super mini boost after you stop drifting. Purple sparks that let you know you’re about to get the top level ultra mini boost.


Snaking is a little trick that was discovered back in Mario Kart DS. This maneuver consists of chaining mini boosts together specifically on straightaways. This was a great way to get the upper hand on your opponents.

This trick doesn’t exist in the same capacity in Mario Kart Tour, but the touch controls make it possible to chain drifts on straightaways. It’s not as fast as it was in Mario Kart DS, but it still gives you a massive advantage over the pack, so pseudo-snaking is a more appropriate term. You can only do this with manual drifting turned on.

With all this information on Drifting and Snaking in Mario Kart Tour you should be an expert on sliding around that track. If you want to find more tracks to master with your new skills check out our guide on unlocking tracks in Mario Kart Tour.

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