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6 Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics If You’re Looking for Something Similar


6 Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Valkyria Chronicles

Let’s kick this list of games like Final Fantasy Tactics with a series that is widely available on most modern consoles: Valkyria Chronicles.

It’s your choice whether you want to go for the remastered version of the first game, or jump right into the newest entry Valkyria Chronicles 4, you really can’t go wrong with either as both of them are excellent games.

In Valkyria Chronicles, you jump between a tactical map mode where you’ll make your bigger picture choices such as where to deploy units, and how to approach objectives, and the perspective of your individual soldiers.

When you select a unit, you zoom into their perspective and are then able move and attack with them according to their strengths and weaknesses.

There are different unit classes to play around with such as Scouts that have high mobility and vision, but have only average health and offense, and Shocktroopers that have low mobility but carry a ton of firepower with improved defense.

Whether you’re playing VC1 or VC4, you’ll experience a dramatic story about war, death, and a mystical race of people known as the Valkyria that have powers impactful enough to change the course of a war. Both games have their moments where they will be incredibly challenging even to the most experienced strategy and tactics game fans coming from Final Fantasy Tactics.

If you’re wondering about Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3, they exist but only on PSP. And in the case of VC3, it was only released in Japan. They are both fine games if you decide to play them, but the smaller screen also leads to smaller battles which kind of waters down a part of what makes the other two games fun.

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