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Best Turn-Based Strategy & Tactics Games


Best Turn-Based Strategy & Tactics Games

Civilization VI

civilization vi strategy

The Civilization series is the gold standard for PC turn-based strategy. It’s been around since the very beginning of the genre, which is a testament to the strength of a blueprint that hasn’t changed drastically since the initial release back in 1991.

In each iteration of the game, players are tasked with role-playing are the leader of a real-world nation –Napoleon of the French, Cromwell of the English, etc– and it’s their job to guide your people from the Stone Age to the Space Age.

Progressing through each era of civilization, players research new technologies, forge alliances and do battle with aspiring empires, all in glorious turn-based style, giving them plenty of time to agonize over each decision.

Sid Meier, the man behind the series and whose name graces every entry title card, is to strategy gaming what Hideo Kojima is to stealth-action. And if that doesn’t pique your curiosity then nothing will.

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