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Fortnite Season 9: What Level 225,000 XP Is

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Fortnite Season 9: What Level 225,000 XP Is

As we kick off Fortnite Season 9, players who own the Battle Pass have a bunch of new collectibles to work towards, as well as weekly challenges to tick off. In both cases, you’ll need to accumulate a certain amount of XP before you can progress any further. Here’s a breakdown of what level 225,000 XP is in Fortnite Season 9.

What Level 225,000 XP Is in Fortnite Season 9

How to Earn XP

As we mentioned earlier, if you want the best cosmetics and to unlock all the weekly challenges in Fortnite Season 9, you’re going to have to earn XP during your play sessions. But what’s the best way to go about this?

Well, quite simply, the easiest way to earn XP is by finishing matches. Fortnite generously doles out XP to any player that completes in a match, though it’s worth keeping in mind that the better you place in the match the more XP you’ll receive.

Beyond just competing in standard matches, players who are actively ticking off challenge objectives have an opportunity to earn more XP as completing challenges adds a bonus to your XP tally.

What Level is 225,000 XP

You should hit 225,000 XP between levels 55 and 56, just 1000 XP or so off level 56. At the time of writing, we don’t have the accurate XP numbers for each level yet. However, this XP chart from Season 8 should give you a rough idea of what level you’ll reach once you obtain 225,000 XP in the game.

Again, these numbers may not be exact, but they will be very close to correct if not. If the XP chart isn’t the same for Season 9, it’ll be no more than one level or so off, you’ll you get a decent idea of where you need to aim for, as the levels have been about the same for all of the game’s previous seasons.

That should be everything you need to about what level 225,000 XP is in Fortnite Season 9. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out our extensive wiki guide. We’ll be continually adding coverage to it as the season progresses.

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