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Fortnite Season 9: What Level 50,000 XP Is


Fortnite Season 9: What Level 50,000 XP Is

Another season of Fortnite has arrived as has a brand new battle pass stuffed with another 100 levels for veterans and newcomers alike to tear through. Here’s what level 50,000 XP is in Fortnite Season 9.

Here’s What Level 50,000 XP Is in Fortnite Season 9

If you’ve ever been around for the start of a new season in Fortnite, you know it’s a big deal. The map is different, the game plays differently and the battle pass grows to be more exciting than its previous iteration.

Season 9 is no different and this season’s battle pass comes packed with plenty of skins, sprays and more for players to unlock. Despite all of the new, what hasn’t changed is the battle pass’ number of levels, of which there are 100.

Before diving into what level 50,000 XP is in Fortnite Season 9, let’s talk about how to actually earn XP in the game.

How to Earn XP

If you’re a Fortnite veteran, rest easy — virtually nothing has changed in the ways to earn XP. If Fortnite Season 9 is your first, it’s important you know the three main ways to earn XP.

First, simply play the game. Every time you complete a match, you earn XP, win or lose (but obviously a win will grant you significantly more XP).

During those matches, you should strive to kill enemies you run into because each kill you get during a match rewards you with additional XP. Finally, completing daily and weekly challenges, as well as the special one-off challenges, will yield more XP to you.

As such, your focus in trying to maximize your XP gain should be completing matches while getting kills and completing challenges during those matches.

What Level 50,000 XP Is

Now that we know how to earn XP, let’s talk about what level 50,000 XP is in Fortnite.

At level 27, you’ll have earned 46,650 XP, so not quite 50,000. At level 28, you’ll have earned 50,450, which is obviously more than 50,000 XP.

With that, when you’ve earned 50,000 XP, you’ll be level 27. 50,000 XP is basically a midpoint between level 27 and 28.

It’s important to note that these are not official numbers as those have not yet been released yet. Because of that, we’re going off of numbers from last season, which you can view here.

We don’t expect the official numbers to be too different and even if they are, we don’t expect the changes to be drastic enough to have you at levels different than what we’ve said here.

That’s it for everything you need to know on what level 50,000 XP is in Fortnite Season 9.

For more information about Fortnite Season 9, be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 9 Guide Wiki. There, you’ll find tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more to help you secure that sweet, sweet Victory Royale.

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