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8 Games That Are Perfect for Laying Back on the Beach


8 Games That Are Perfect for Laying Back on the Beach

If you’re trying to relax by the beach while playing a video game, you don’t want to be stressing about how much battery life you have left or how bright your screen is when the sun is beaming down on you.

If you’re looking for something to play on the plane or while traveling, then this list of Switch games to play while traveling should keep you busy and entertained.

These games should avoid any factors which might disrupt your relaxation; for example, we’ll avoid titles like the newly ported Resident Evil games which are dimly lit (and aren’t appropriately themed for relaxation anyway, unless horror is how you wind down).

Professor Layton DS and 3DS

Professor Layton

Having embarked on a beach holiday recently, I found my Nintendo 2DS XL had the best form factor and amazing battery life for taking with me to the pool or beach, and as much as I love my Switch, the DS provides a slight edge in size and scores better in the ‘won’t break the bank if broken’ category. So we’re starting this list off with a popular DS puzzle series.

Puzzle games can be stressful, so lucky for you Professor Layton takes a more relaxed approach to puzzles with a lenient hint coin system – where hint coins can be acquired by tapping the environment when traveling from puzzle to puzzle.

This doesn’t by any means make the Layton games easy, as you can choose if and when you need a bit of extra help.

If you’re frugal and vigilant for where hint coins may be hidden, the limited hint coins provided will be more than enough the cushion you if and when you get really stumped, avoiding some possible holiday frustration.

Professor Layton games also pack in a mysterious and interesting narrative, with Unwound Future being a fan favorite for its stimulating and original puzzles, and is arguably the best game in the amazing first trilogy.

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