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5 Great Switch Games That Won’t Kill Your Battery & Are Perfect For Traveling


5 Great Switch Games That Won’t Kill Your Battery & Are Perfect For Traveling

If you’re looking for that perfect Switch game to pick up and play while traveling, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you want something you can quickly jump in and out of, or would rather have a long-form Metroidvania to keep you entertained on a long flight, we’ve compiled a list of five Switch games that are great options when traveling.

This list aims to take into account battery life as well, ensuring you shouldn’t run out of juice right away, like with some other great but demanding Switch titles.

These titles aim to support around 5 hours of battery life with the lowest brightness setting and airplane mode enabled, although some of these titles will be more generous than others.

Picross S3

Picross S3 is a great game for traveling

S3 is the latest entry into the Picross series, and you may be familiar with the riveting puzzle titles on the Nintendo DS and 3DS. It may not look super interesting off the bat, but Picross has an addictive formula where players end up sinking tons of hours into this simple and affordable game.

Picross’ gameplay takes place within a grid, and is somewhat of a ‘color by numbers’ game, as the player uses numbers located at the left and top of a typically 10 x 10 grid to figure out which squares of the grid should be filled in to create the final image.

The numbers around the grid show how many of the squares in a row/column should be filled, and in what pattern, but leaves out the specifics, which is where you come in.

Picross gives you these clues, but it’s up to you to figure out the exact locations of each filled square, with the quantity shown at the side only acting as a starting point. Picross can get really challenging as the levels progress, with grid sizes increasing as well as the vagueness of the image.

S3 will be pretty easy on your battery life, which is essential if you don’t own a power bank and are traveling. The game is ideal for a flight or waiting around in the airport, and is sure to bring you hours of fun gameplay once you’re hooked.

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