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6 Switch Games Perfect to Spend Your Summer With


6 Switch Games Perfect to Spend Your Summer With

Summer is officially here, and that means hot weather, vacations, ice cream, and so much more. Of course, there’s plenty of time to fit in some gaming, and there’s no better Summer system than the Nintendo Switch.

With a wealth of games that are great on the go, or sport a bright summer style, it should be your go-to system for those hot months. Here’s a look at six Switch games that are perfect for summer gaming.

Splatoon 2

There’s really no game out there that fits the theme of “summer” better than Splatoon 2, as it almost feels like some kind of crazy summertime sport you might play with your friends, like some insane game of water balloons.

There’s no experience quite like blasting ink at squid kids, and trying to cover the map in your color. Even two years later, Splatoon 2 remains one of the most unique shooter experiences out there, and it’s easy to sink tens of hours into the game.

Those long summer months are the perfect time to dive into Splatoon 2; play through the story and the Octoling Expansion, rustle up a group of friends for Salmon Run, and increase your rank in multiplayer.

The poppy soundtrack and cool ink is just the thing to beat the summer heat.

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