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5 Ways the New Avengers Game Can Draw From the Best of the MCU


5 Ways the New Avengers Game Can Draw From the Best of the MCU

At long last, Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game is getting a full-blown reveal at this year’s E3. We’ve waited a good long time for this – since 2017, in fact. But after two years and two full-on Avengers movies, the video game is finally up to bat. Rejoice!

Avengers has carved itself as one of the highest grossing IP’s in history over the past decade, yet somehow, there’s never been a big-budget tie-in video game (without the word “Lego” in the title).

There’s a lot riding on this project, and considering the internet-wide excitement, a lot of room for disappointment.

We may not have a glimpse of Marvel’s Avengers’ gameplay, story, or really anything else, but that won’t stop our speculation! And really, with a wealth of previous super-hero cross-over games, there are already a lot of general concepts to draw from.

That said, here are five things Marvel’s Avengers should strive for, regardless of the genre.

A Ridiculously Diverse (And Obscure) Cast


Of course, it’s an Avengers game, so Captain America, Iron Man and the rest are likely to be included.

But it’s easy to grow weary of the same familiar characters we’ve all seen since the ’60s. You need some new talent to balance out the variety in the roster.

Superhero video games are a great breeding ground for lesser-known comic book characters. After all, when you need a long list of characters for players to choose from, some of the picks end up being a bit less recognizable.

Remember Onslaught? In the comics, he’s a psionic conglomeration of Professor X’s and Magneto consciousnesses, but in the X-Men movie series, he doesn’t exist at all. Yet somehow, Marvel Vs. Capcom picked him up way back in the day.

Remember Ms. Marvel? She was a playable character back in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, long before she was in Avengers: Endgame as Captain Marvel.

Marvel video games have already proven that unknown characters can work great to pad out a roster. It would be no different with a full-fledged Avengers game.

So bring on Swordsman, Hercules, and Black Knight! Pull Moondragon, Hellcat, and Two-gun Kid from the warehouse! We want all those lesser-known heroes.

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