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7 Avengers: Endgame Questions Everyone’s Still Asking (Spoilers)

avengers: endgame, questions we still have

7 Avengers: Endgame Questions Everyone’s Still Asking (Spoilers)

We’re still reeling after Avengers: Endgame. While it provides closure to so much of the MCU, there’s still more to come and we have questions Marvel.

Obviously, there’s going to be spoilers in this article and in case you missed the title somehow, here’s one last warning that we’re going to be talking about the plot and ending of Avengers: Endgame.

Black Widow’s Future

black widow, avengers: endgame

One of the most emotional moments in Avengers: Endgame is the untimely death of Natalia Romanova otherwise known as, Black Widow.

When her and Hawkeye head to the past to retrieve the Soul Stone, they both gain the knowledge that one of them will have to be sacrificed in order for the Stone to be given to them.

Losing a loved one is the sacrifice one of them has to make. This results in both of them fighting over who is going to have to perish and who is going to survive.

Unfortunately, after a game of tug and war, Black Widow ends up falling off of a cliff, ending her life with Hawkeye obtaining the Soul Stone.

The big question is: what does her death mean in the big scheme of things in the MCU? There’s apparently a Black Widow standalone film in the works for phase 4 in the Marvel Universe, but now, this film will definitely have to be a prequel… or will it?!

It could take place during the five-year jump after the Thanos snap, as Black Widow was promoted to be the leader of the Avengers which could make for an interesting story.

But would a standalone film make sense when we all know what awaits her fate? The film could still be compelling enough if they give us more insight into her backstory and life before the Avengers, but it all seems sort of pointless at this point in the game.

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