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Wynncraft: What the Map Looks Like


Wynncraft: What the Map Looks Like

What the Wynncraft Map Looks Like

Six years in the making, the MMORPG built in Minecraft is finally out in the wild. It features an absolutely enormous map full of astonishingly detailed buildings and points of interest across its many biomes. Here’s we’re taking a look at what the Wynncraft map looks like.

You can check out the below screenshots from the game’s map viewed from different angles. It’s so big that it’s somewhat hard to showcase a profile shot of the entire map, so we’ve broken the overall map out into different zones.

Wynncraft’s map is essentially two large continents with a sea in between, in which you’ll find several large islands that are provinces themselves. The first image below is the province of Wynn. The second is Corkus Island. The third image shows off

Wynncraft, map

As you can see, Wynncraft’s map is truly enormous. It will take dozens of hours to explore even a fraction of its entirety, so hopefully, you’ve got some serious time to invest in this adventure. From what we’ve played so far, though, it’s absolutely worth it.

If you want to check out the map in more detail, head over to Wynncraft’s own interactive map. You can actually use their toolset to zoom in and check out different points of interest in more detail. The map has item and crafting material locations on display, as well as giving you a heads up on the level recommendation for each zone.

That should give you a pretty comprehensive overview of what the map looks like in Wynncraft. For more useful information and guides on the game, be sure to check out more content on Twinfinite. We have got dozens of other useful tips, such as how to download and play Wynncraft, and how to level up fast.

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