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Risk of Rain 2: Is There Splitscreen Local Co-op Multiplayer? Answered

Risk of Rain 2, Is there splitscreen local co-op multiplayer

Risk of Rain 2: Is There Splitscreen Local Co-op Multiplayer? Answered

Is There Splitscreen Local Co-op Multiplayer in Risk of Rain 2? Answered

Risk of Rain 2 has quickly become a hit in the PC gaming scene, already garnering a fan base while in early access. With this rise in popularity though, there’s been an equal rise in the number of people asking: Is there splitscreen local co-op multiplayer?

It’s a fair question. After all, players can team up with one another to take on the game’s levels, coordinating strategies to take down the title’s fiercer bosses and solve some of the game’s trickier puzzles.

Unfortunately, the title doesn’t currently support split screen local co-op.

Why Risk of Rain 2 Doesn’t Support Splitscreen Local Co-op Multiplayer

It’s a bit of a bummer, but it’s also not hard to see why the game opted for online multiplayer only.

For starters, the team developing the game, Hopoo Games, is fairly small. Only made up of a small group of developers, the studio’s team is a far cry from the hundreds of developers that make up the studios behind bigger games and projects.

As such, there’s only so much they could feasibly design and implement in the game, above splitscreen, especially for an early access build.

Likewise, the fact that they’re an indie developer with limited funds is also a factor. Sure, if they were a big AAA studio, implementing splitscreen local co-op multiplayer into Risk of Rain 2 might have been feasible.

Hopoo Games doesn’t have those kinds of resources though. As a result, putting splitscreen in would have meant less polish added to the rest of the game’s features, or even the removal of a few.

Throw in the fact that local co-op multiplayer is far less prominent as a feature than it used to be, and it’s easy to see why hoop chose not to devote development time to including it in their game.

Will the Game Ever Have Local Co-op Multiplayer?

This probably leaves fans with another question, that being: will Risk of Rain 2 ever have splitscreen local co-op multiplayer?

Admittedly, the answer’s probably no, largely for the same reasons stated above. Granted, this may change if Risk of Rain 2 proves itself to be the next runaway hit game of the generation, but otherwise it might not be worth Hopoo’s time and resources.

Crazier things have happened though, so fans can’t be blamed if they hold out for the feature’s inclusion in the final product.

Hopefully this cleared whether Risk of Rain 2 has split screen local co-op multiplayer. For more on the game, check out our guide on how to find the hidden chamber in the Abandoned Aqueduct area.

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