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Risk of Rain 2: How to Find the Aqueduct Secret (Abandoned Aqueduct Hidden Chamber)

Risk of Rain 2, Aqueduct Secret

Risk of Rain 2: How to Find the Aqueduct Secret (Abandoned Aqueduct Hidden Chamber)

How to Find the Aqueduct Secret in Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is a title that, despite being in early access, already has a wealth of content to uncover. That’s why we’re here today to help you figure out how to find the Aqueduct secret and uncover the hidden chamber.

After players reach the Abandoned Aqueduct area, chances are they’ll happen upon a large door that’s inaccessible. Most won’t think much of it until they discover a switch hidden behind a large rock, some pots or some other part of the area.

This switch will allow them to access a hidden chamber in the area which houses a pair of brutally difficult bosses. Defeating them earns players a hefty pile of loot as well as an achievement for their troubles.

Should they try to press the button though, nothing will happen. This is because the door won’t open unless players find two buttons hidden in the area, and then press them simultaneously.

This presents two challenges to players; One is to find the two buttons scattered throughout the area. The other is to press them at the same time.

While the latter is easy enough for those playing multiplayer, the former can still be a pain, while those playing single player might assume they’re left out in the cold.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with some tips and strategies to help any and every player unlock this secret.

How to Find and Activate Both Switches

For starters, finding both switches can be much easier so long as you know what to look for.

While their location is randomized, the switches tend to generate near or around large rocks, clusters of objects or other suitable hiding spots.

So long as they keep an eye out for these items or clusters of items, players shouldn’t have too much trouble finding both switches.

Next comes activating them. While this is as simple as splitting up to press both simultaneously for those playing multiplayer, single players will have to be a bit more creative.

This means pushing pots or other items on top of one of the switches or using an ability to spawn an item or weapon on top of a switch to keep it activated.

Though it can be a pain to position these items properly – and keeping them from being broken for that matter – this method is doable and should prompt the door to open.

If it doesn’t, players can try repositioning the item activating a switch. This should get the game to register that the switch is activated after a bit of fiddling.

From there, the hidden chamber should become accessible. All that’s left is for players to survive the fight with the bosses and walk away with their achievement and loot.

Hopefully, this cleared up how to find the Aqueduct secret. For more tips, tricks and info on the latest games, stay tuned to

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