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Risk of Rain 2: How to Open the Celestial Portal and What it Does

Risk of Rain 2, How to Open the Celestial Portal

Risk of Rain 2: How to Open the Celestial Portal and What it Does

Risk of Rain 2 can be a bit obtuse with how to unlock its side content and what it does, not least of which with the Celestial Portal. That’s why we’re here to help with a guide on how to open the Celestial Portal and what it does.

How to Unlock the Celestial Portal in Risk of Rain 2 and What it Does

Providing access to a hidden area and giving you the chance to unlock the Mercenary character, the Celestial Portal are large, alien gateways the player can access after completing certain requirements.

The criteria for triggering the portal isn’t clear yet, but the best theory is that you need to beat the Rallypoint Delta zone’s boss after one successful loop of the game.

It is possible to get a Celestial portal to spawn in other levels, but the above causes them to appear more consistently than any other strategy.

Once it spawns, you should be able to interact with and enter it by getting close to it. If this doesn’t occur, reposition yourself to see if it prompts at a different range.

What Happens Once You Enter the Celestial Portal

After interacting with the portal, you’ll be given the option to obliterate yourself by going through the portal.

While it may sound counter-productive to succeeding, you’ll need to accept the offer to progress through the portal, which doesn’t (currently) lead to a new area like it did in the first game.

This will kill your character, but in exchange you’ll unlock the Mercenary character, one of the strongest in the game. Likewise, you’ll unlock the True Respite achievement for your sacrifice.

That’s all there is to knowing how to unlock the Celestial Portal and what it does. For more on Risk of Rain 2, check out developer Hopoo Games’ recent reveal of the title’s Early Access road map.

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