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Outward: How to Get Horror Weapons

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Outward: How to Get Horror Weapons

How to Get Horror Weapons in Outward

Outward is full of unique weapons that cause huge amounts of damage and are crafted from certain materials that link to the weapon’s name. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Horror weapons in Outward.

Crafting Horror Weapons

They need to be crafted in Outward, using particular recipes. For the weapons, you first need to purchase the recipe. For example, the recipe for the Horror Bow, which is arguably the most useful, needs to be purchased from the blacksmith in Berg for 50 silver before you can craft it. The crafting recipes for each Horror weapon are:

  • Horrow Bow – 2x Horror Chitin + War Bow + Occult Remains
  • Horrow Axe – Horror Chitin + Fang Axe + Palladium Scrap + Occult Remains

The Horror Chitin is where the name for the Horror weapons comes from in Outward, and you’ll need some for both weapon recipes.

It is a material that is dropped when you defeat strong Horror enemies, which you should be able to find near the Cabal of Winds temples in Hallowed Marsh, Enmerkar Forest, and Abrassar.

As for the other item you need in both Horror Weapon recipes, you can get Occult Remains quite easily by defeating enemies like Wendigos.

What They Do & How They’re Different in Outward

They weapons are useful in Outward because they inflict high level poison damage on enemies you attack with them and are unique to the crafting recipe.

They can’t simply be found out and about in the world like the basic weapons used to craft them. Instead, you have to get all of the items together and craft it yourself.

Also, when in darker areas in Outward’s world, you’ll notice that the ends of the Horror Bow will glow brightly.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Horror weapons in Outward. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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