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Days Gone Motorbike Guide: How to Go Faster, Brake, Tricks & More


Days Gone Motorbike Guide: How to Go Faster, Brake, Tricks & More

Developed by Bend Studio, Days Gone is a brand new first-party exclusive game developed for the PS4. Here’s everything you need to know about how the motorbike works in Days Gone.

How to Use the Motorbike in Days Gone

Basic Controls

The bike controls are pretty much what you’d expect from any video game with vehicular travel.

  • R2: Accelerate
  • L2: Reverse
  • Circle: Drift
  • Square: Get off/on the bike
  • X: Nitrous booster, if applicable

General movement on the bike is pretty straightforward, and most of the time, you’ll just be using the accelerator to control your speed and make gradual turns.

To navigate sharp corners, you’ll want to make use of the circle button to drift. Whenever you enter a sharp turn, tap the circle button lightly to reduce your speed a little, while also using the left stick to turn the corner.

Days Gone Bike Fuel and Health

In addition to just riding the bike around in Days Gone, you’ll also need to keep an eye on its engine and fuel level.

In order to actually ride the bike, it needs to be topped up with fuel, which you can check in the lower right corner of the screen. When it’s completely out of fuel, you won’t be able to accelerate. Instead, you’ll need to make use of only the left stick to walk the bike around, and get it to the nearest camp.

You also have to keep an eye on bike health, also indicated in the lower right corner of the screen. Your motorbike takes damage when you ram into things or when you slam onto the ground a little too hard. If your bike health is depleted, you’ll need to repair the engine or it won’t move.

days gone, motorbike

Fuel can be found by checking your map and looking for the white fuel icon. This icon indicates an area where you can find red fuel cans, which are used to fill up the tank. Simply pick up the can, walk to your bike, and hold the circle button to fill it up.

On the other hand, Scrap is required to restore your motorbike’s health. Scrap is easily found by scavenging abandoned cars, and you can repair your bike’s engine by holding the circle button when next to it.

If you’re at a camp, you can also get the motorbike vendor to service and refuel the bike at the cost of a few Credits. Bike vendors can also retrieve your bike for a fee, if you left it out in the open world.

Lastly, the motorbike is also used for fast travel. To fast travel, you need to be close to your bike, then select a destination from your map and fast travel there. You do need to have sufficient fuel for the journey, though, or it won’t work.

Motorbike Tricks

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything overly fancy with the motorbike in Days Gone.

The coolest thing you can do with it is jump a short gap, which is achieved by gaining a bit of speed, then riding off a ramp and making it over to the other side.

What you’ll want to do first is install a nitrous booster, which can be bought from the vendor at either Copeland or Iron Mike’s camp. With it installed, press X right as you’re approaching a ramp to gain a speed boost, and that will easily propel you over the gap.

Customizing the Motorbike in Days Gone

Lastly, the bike in Days Gone can also be customized and upgraded to your liking.

This can be done at the bike vendors in the various camps around the world, provided your Trust level is high enough. Increasing Trust will unlock better upgrades to improve your bike’s health, fuel capacity, traction, and suspension.

As you progress through the story, you’ll also unlock new decals for the motorbike to give it a bit more flair.

That’s all you need to know about how the motorbike works in Days Gone. Be sure to check our Days Gone guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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