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Days Gone: How to Drift on the Bike (Farewell Drift Trophy)

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Days Gone: How to Drift on the Bike (Farewell Drift Trophy)

Days Gone is the latest big PlayStation exclusive, transporting players to a dangerous post-apocalyptic world, where they’ll need to struggle for survival. With Freakers, bears, drifters, and other threats you’ll need a way to get around the world quickly and easily. That’s where your bike comes in. Here’s how to drift on the bike (Farewell Drift Trophy) in Days Gone.

How to Drift on the Bike in Days Gone

After you play through the first hour or so of Days Gone you’ll get access permanently to your bike. This is your main method of travel through the world and you’ll also need to be near the bike, or a bed, in order to save.

How to Drift on Your Bike

To drift on your bike you first need to hold down the R2 button in order to accelerate. After that hold down circle to initiate a drift, and you’ll need to use the left stick to steer through the drift, adjusting to the curve as you go.

It might take a little bit of time to get used to the trajectory of the bike, but you should get the hang of it eventually if you practice. In order to get the Farewell Drift Trophy you need to drift for a combined total of 10 minutes, so that’s all the time you’ll need to practice.

How to Repair and Refuel the Bike

If you want to keep your bike in working order, you’ll need to know how to repair and refuel it. If you look at your bike when your off of it, you’ll see a holographic display that shows a percentage, marking how much damage it has. If you look right at the gas tank, you’ll see the amount of fuel you have left.

To repair your bike just walk up next to it and hold down circle when the icon appears. Of course, you’ll need scrap in order to repair the bike, a resource you can find scattered all around the world of Days Gone.

Fueling up, on the other hand, requires gasoline, which you’ll find in those familiar red gasoline cans. You can find gasoline scattered around buildings and care, but you’ll always be able to refuel at encampments or your safe house.

Pick up the gas can with square, then take it over to your bike. Again hold down the circle button when the icon appears and Deacon will pour the gas into his bike until it’s full.

That’s everything you need to know about how to drift on the bike (Farewell Drift Trophy) in Days Gone. For even more tips and info make sure to search Twinfinite, and check out our Days Gone guide wiki.

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