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Days Gone: How to Turn Off Car Alarms

Days Gone, How to Turn Off Car Alarms

Days Gone: How to Turn Off Car Alarms

How to Turn Off Car Alarms in Days Gone

The enemies of Days Gone are drawn to loud noises, making car alarms a huge hazard for would-be survivors. That’s why you’ll want to know how to turn off car alarms sooner rather than later.

As you make your way through the world of Days Gone, chances are you’ll pass an abandoned car or two along the way. Though typically not a problem, a careless shot or poor maneuver could cause its alarm to trigger.

This will draw the attention of any nearby enemies, least of which are the infected Freakers that roam the post-apocalyptic land in packs.

Given this information, it’s advisable to avoid causing such a disturbance at all costs. Should you accidentally trigger one though, there is a way to disable the make-shift siren.

What to Do When You Set Off Car Alarms

If you set off a car alarm, go around to the front of the car. This will prompt a little green icon to appear. Once it does, press and hold the square button to disable the alarm.

This takes a second to carry out, so make sure you won’t get side-winded by an enemy while you’re fiddling around with the noisy vehicle.

After you finish disabling the alarm, thicker will quiet down and you’ll be treated to a nice pile of scrap metal for your trouble. This can be used to repair your bike during your travels, and is indispensable for those making longer journeys from safe zones.

That’s all there is to knowing how to turn off car alarms in Days Gone. For more on the game’s controls and mechanics, or for more on the game’s world and lore, check out our guide wiki for all the tips, tricks and info you’ll need to enjoy the game.

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