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8 Things to Do After Beating The Division 2 (Post Game & End Game)


8 Things to Do After Beating The Division 2 (Post Game & End Game)

Things to Do After Beating The Division 2

Clear Up Collectibles & Side Missions

things to do after beating division 2, end game, post game

If you finished Ubisoft’s The Division 2 and haven’t yet reached level 30, you’ll likely want to do so in order to truly sink your teeth into The Division 2’s end game content. By playing through the main missions alone and dabbled in the occasional bit of side content along the way, you’ll still probably have at least a few levels to go before reaching 30.

The best way to reach this is by going about polishing off any remaining side missions, objectives, and collectibles outstanding. Electronic Tapes can nab you a huge 800 XP and most side missions offer thousands of XP for simple, short excursions. Once you’ve hit level 30, you’re ready to take on the rest of Division 2’s end game content.

You can also check out our guide on how to level up fast, should you need some more pointers.

Things to Do After Beating The Division 2

Choose Your Specialization

One of the first things you’ll likely be able to do upon completing The Division 2’s story is to choose your Specialization. There are three to choose from, each offering a different weapon and unique perk that lend themselves to a particular play style.

The Sharpshooter has a TAC-50 C snipler rifle that can kill multiple targets with a single shot and is perfect for those who prefer to sit back, while the Demolitionist comes equipped with an M32A1 Mult-shot Grenade Launcher for those who like to make things go boom.

Finally, the Survivalist has an Explosive Tipped Crossbow for those who like to place traps and utilize status effects to take down their opponents.

Choosing the right Specialization for your play style is an important part of preparing yourself for The Division 2’s end game, and one of the first things you should do after beating The Division 2.

Things to Do After Beating The Division 2

Replay Missions on Hard Difficulty (Hard as Nails Trophy & Achievement)

If you’re looking to just grind out some of the main missions you’ve already beaten, you can always try playing through the campaign again on Hard difficulty (or higher if you’re feeling particularly ballsy). Doing so will allow you to grind for loot, as well nab you the Hard as Nails trophy/ achievement.

If you were looking to go for the platinum trophy or the full set of Gamerscore for the Division 2, you’d need to do this anyway, so what better way to help you get somewhat prepared for the upcoming raid, than getting used to your newfound Specialization weapon and skill in familiar territory?

Things to Do After Beating The Division 2

Dive into the PvP Multiplayer Modes

things to do after beating division 2

Sometimes, just playing PvE isn’t enough. Sometimes, you want a challenging, tactical game of wits that only PvP can offer… or all-out carnage, either or. The Division 2 has a number of specific PvP modes that allow players to take on one another in a more controlled environment than, say, the Dark Zone.

This form of PvP play is called Conflict, which is split into the Skirmish and Domination game modes. Domination is the same kind of deal as the Call of Duty game mode that goes by the same name, while Skirmish is a typical team deathmatch affair. There are three maps playable on both game modes called Capital Ruins, Stadium, and Georgetown.

It’s not wholly extensive in terms of the amount of maps and modes, but Conflict is a solid alternative to the Dark Zone for those looking for a more traditional multiplayer experience.

Things to Do After Beating The Division 2

Check Out the Dark Zone

The Dark Zone has had some tweaks and improvements made to it since its debut in the first title, and it generally feels like there’s a whole lot more to dive into this time around. This PvEvP mode now has a more robust level and progression system than its predecessor, with ranks now granting perks available through the Dark Zone Officer.

Alongside the threat of other players, Landmarks pose a particularly rewarding AI threat. These are named enemies in a certain area that, once killed, reward players with a huge amount of DZ XP and a good loot drop.

If you’re wanting to get particularly fiendish in the Dark Zone, The Thieves’ Den offers a reward for doing exactly that. Commit enough Rogue actions within a set amount of time, and you’ll be able to complete challenges to triangulate its location and gain access to The Den.

Once inside, players can speak to a merchant with insanely good loot, and upon exiting, will lose their Rogue status so they can blend back in seamlessly.

The Dark Zone has a whole lot more depth now, and as a result is a great end game activity for grinding out loot in a more dynamic environment.

Things to Do After Beating The Division 2

Get Recalibrating & Upgrading Your Gear

things to do after beating division 2, division 2 end game, post game

Upon hitting level 30, your level doesn’t really matter all that much anymore. The new number you’ll want to concentrate on is your Gear score, which is affected by your equipped weapons and gear’s OVR scores. However, if you don’t want to give up a nice perk, stat, or talent on one, but utilize one of these from another bit of gear, you can.

The Recalibration system essentially allows you to transfer any stat, talent, or perk from one bit of gear or weapon to another. You can only do this once for each bit of gear, however, so choose wisely and wait for the right opportunity to come up.

Good use of the Recalibration system is a great way to enhance your end game loadout in The Division 2 and get you suitably prepared for the Raid.

What’s more, any exotic weapons you happen to get your hands on in The Division 2 can be upgraded with resources and credits, so be sure to keep hold of any you pick up, even if they don’t initially strike you as being worthwhile.

Things to Do After Beating The Division 2

Take on Strongholds’ World Tier Difficulties

division 2 end game

Arguably one of the main Division 2 end game activities are the Strongholds and the various World Tier difficulty levels that you can progress through. As you’re likely aware, Strongholds were those faction bases that you took care of during the campaign, but the World Tier difficulties make them a whole different beast.

The World Tier difficulties go through 1 – 4, with the next being unlocked upon beating a Stronghold on the previous difficulty.

For example, you’ll unlock World Tier difficulty 3 after beating a Stronghold on 2, with that being unlocked by beating one on World Tier 1.

Repeating Strongholds on the highest difficulties gets you great loot, as you’d expect. The World Tier difficulties offer up the most challenging and rewarding experience The Division 2’s end game has to offer so far.

Things to Do After Beating The Division 2

Prepare & Take on the Raids

division 2 raid

If you’re looking for the true end game activity in The Division 2, Raids are what you’re going to want to focus on. At release, these aren’t yet live in the game, as the developers want to give players time to get suitably leveled up and familiar for the tough challenge ahead.

Sadly, there’s not a whole lot of details on what to expect from the raids, other than they’re going to be challenging, filled with unique mechanics and boss fights, and will require eight players to work together.

The first raid, titled Operation Dark Hours, is shown in the Year 1 trailer, which highlights all of the other post-launch content coming to the game within its first year. That includes three episodes containing new narrative and story missions, PvP and PvE modes, and new Specializations.

Simply put, if there’s not enough Division 2 end game content for you right now, there’s plenty more on the way throughout the rest of the year. But for now, you can get grinding and preparing for the Raid, working through that trophy and achievement list, and becoming the best Agent you can be.

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Division 2 guide wiki.

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