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3 Best Online Looter-Shooters That Are Worth Investing Your Time In


3 Best Online Looter-Shooters That Are Worth Investing Your Time In

Division 2

how to increase skill power in division 2

The Division 2 is the most recently released online looter-shooter on this list, and unlike some other games from this year, it released more or less complete.

There have been a handful of issues that the community has run into, but for the most part fans of the first game seem satisfied, and lots of former doubters appear converted.

Ubisoft maintained many of the elements from the first game like Dark Zones that help to differentiate the Division franchise from other titles. They also learned from their last game and made sure that the sequel’s campaign cuts out as much filler as possible to get players to the endgame faster.

Online looter-shooter fans know that the majority of the time spent with games like the Division 2 comes after the story missions in the endgame. This is the part of the experience where you focus on getting the best gear for your character and participating in the most challenging activities.

In addition to this, if you did want to replay parts of the story the game offers remixed versions of the missions to stop them from feeling stale. Honestly, this is one of the most impressive changes brought to the Division 2, and hopefully, other looter-shooter games will take notice.

The final aspect of the Division 2 that helps it stand out from the crowd is the game’s world. Traversing the game’s environment takes up much more of the player’s time compared to other games on this list, and as a result, there has to be a good reason to explore.

Luckily, Ubisoft provides fans with plenty to see and has even increased the number of Dark Zones players can explore. There are now three Dark Zones on the map, and all of them have unique environmental aspects that stop them from feeling repetitive.

Additionally, there are also there are now occupied Dark Zones designed for high-level players looking for a challenge. The occupied zone will also rotate between the three available locations to make sure people keep visiting all the zones.

While the Division 2 might not win over many new fans, it fulfilled the promise of a better version of the first game with more replayability. Hopefully, the game will continue to be iterated upon in a way that continues to make their community happy.

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