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Sekiro: Best Skills to Get First

sekiro, best skills

Sekiro: Best Skills to Get First

Best Skills to Get First in Sekiro

Unlike in Souls and Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice features quite an extensive skill tree that you can dive into. Here are the best skills you should get first in Sekiro.

How to Unlock the Skill Tree

After obtaining your first skill point in Sekiro, head back to the Dilapidated Temple and talk to the Sculptor. He’ll hand over a key item called the Esoteric Text, which essentially unlocks the skill tree.

Now, you’ll be able to purchase new skills whenever you rest at a Sculptor’s Idol.

Mikiri Counter

  • Enables one to counter enemy thrust attacks by stomping down on an enemy’s weapon, dealing a large amount of damage to Posture.

This is almost certainly the very first skill you need to pick up in Sekiro. Thrust attacks are dangerous and can’t be guarded against, but if you have Mikiri Counter, you can hit circle/B to halt it completely and deal a ton of Posture damage.

Now, it is possible to just deflect a thrust attack regularly, but it doesn’t deal as much Posture damage and it’s riskier. Get Mikiri Counter. Trust us.

Suppress Presence/Sound – Best Skills in Sekiro

  • A Latent Skill that reduces an enemy’s ability to perceive those who are in stealth.
  • A Latent Skill that suppresses movement noise by inhibiting an enemy’s ability to hear it.

Stealth is a huge part of Sekiro, making Suppress Presence and Suppress Sound some of the best skills you should get first in this game. By making it harder for enemies to detect you, it’ll be easier to score Deathblows on them and clear out areas without taking a hit.

A Shinobi’s Karma: Body/Mind

  • Increases the maximum number of Spirit Emblems that can be held.

Your Shinobi Prosthetic Tools require Spirit Emblems to function. You can only carry 15 at first, which is alright for the Shurikens. But once you start getting the good stuff like Flame Vent and Loaded Axe, your Spirit Emblem cost goes up.

Getting the Body and Mind skills increases the number of Spirit Emblems you can carry, allowing you to utilize the Tools more effectively in combat.

Breath of Life: Light – Best Skills in Sekiro

  • Recovers Vitality upon performing a successful Deathblow.

As soon as you save up enough skill points, get this skill. You’ll recover health with every Deathblow you land, which should make it easier for you to manage your Healing Gourds and Pellets.

You don’t even need to land stealth Deathblows either; just depleting an enemy’s Vitality grants you a free Deathblow opening for a few seconds, and you can regain health that way. Extremely useful, and possibly the best skill you can get in Sekiro.

Grappling Hook Attack

sekiro, best skills
  • Use the Grappling Hook to launch oneself at an enemy, and use that momentum to perform a rolling sword attack.

The grappling hook is your main tool for mobility in Sekiro, and getting the Grappling Hook Attack will make you even more deadly.

Not only is it useful for quickly dispatching enemies on high ground, it can also come in extremely handy for certain bosses or enemies that like to keep their distance.

Fang and Blade – Best Skills in Sekiro

sekiro, best skills
  • After using certain Prosthetic Tools, this move allows one to attack with the Tool and sword simultaneously, or it provides a follow-up attack for the Tool.
  • Applicable Prosthetic Tools: Loaded Axe, Loaded Spear, Mist Raven

Once you’ve got enough Spirit Emblems to work with, consider picking up the Fang and Blade skill to experiment with combos. For instance, breaking an enemy’s guard with Loaded Spear, then immediately following up with a sword attack can score you a very easy kill on regular enemies.

Fang and Blade, together with Loaded Axe, also lets you break enemy guards with good follow-up attacks and deal a ton of Posture damage at the same time.

And those are the best skills you should get first in Sekiro. Be sure to check our Sekiro guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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