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Destiny 2 Signed Sealed Delivered: Where to Compose Message in Hangar

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Destiny 2 Signed Sealed Delivered: Where to Compose Message in Hangar

Where to Compose the Message in the Hangar for the Destiny 2 Signed Sealed Delivered Quest

The latest, and perhaps most interesting, quest line to be added in Destiny 2, Allegiance, has been added and fans must choose a side in order to progress and reap any potential rewards. Those that opted for the Vanguard Allegiance might be having a hard time finding out where in the hangar they are supposed to compose the message to Aunor in order to get the quest going. We have everything you need to know about where to compose the message in the hangar in the signed sealed delivered quest below including pictures and directions. Let’s dive in.

When you look at the Signed Sealed Delivered pursuit in your inventory, you know that you need to go to the Tower’s Hangar to “compose an encrypted message” but unlike most things in Destiny 2, it doesn’t tell you exactly where. Surprising really considering the game likes to hand hold you through just about everything, but it’s cool either way, it’s not too hard to find.

You can see the pictures above for the exact spot in the hangar to compose the message, but here are some written directions:

Spawn into the Tower courtyard and then head to the Hangar (the right side path from when you spawn in. Head on past the staircases and then hang another right as soon as you arrive to the main area.

Now go to the corner of the room and you’ll see a bright white glowing computer. I like to imagine it’s a futuristic version of those colorful old Macs from the 90s. Get close enough to it and you’ll be able to hold square to compose the encrypted message for Aunor and move your self along the Vanguard Allegiance quest line.

That does it for where to compose the message in the Hangar in Destiny 2 for Signed Sealed Delivered. Hopefully you don’t end up regretting your choice! Good luck with the rest of Season of the Drifter’s paid content.

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