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Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter: What You Get Free & Paid (Exotics, Activities, Weapons & More)


Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter: What You Get Free & Paid (Exotics, Activities, Weapons & More)

What You Get Free vs. Paid in Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter

Approaching the release of Destiny 2’s latest annual pass content through the Season of the Drifter, Bungie has revealed exactly what is going to be released free to all D2 and Forsaken owners, and what will require a buy into the annual pass. Let’s dive into all that and break down what is free vs. paid in Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter

What You Need to Pay For (Annual Pass/Season of the Drifter)

There are two pieces of major new content that you would be missing out on if you don’t purchase the Annual Pass. The first is Gambit Prime.

Gambit Prime is the “sweaty” version of Gambit. It’s not exactly Trials of the Nine for Gambit, but it’s kind of along those similar lines where this is going to be a more competitive, and hardcore version of the game mode.

Expect more pre-made teams, people rocking the new role-encouraging armor that will be obtainable through Season of the Drifter’s new PvE activity, and more difficult mechanics throughout the boss fight.

The other is a new PvE experience call The Reckoning. At the time of this writing, this nature of this activity is a little more ambiguous. From what we saw in the ViDoc, it appears to be something where you need to kill enemies fast in a short amount of time. According to the ViDoc, you’ll be “attacked from all directions” and it will be tied to getting the new Gambit Prime armor. There will be new tiers of this activity released throughout the season.

That’s not all though, there will also be a new Allegiance quest line in the Season of the Drifter that will require you to pick between a Vanguard/Drifter perspective and also new Invitations of the Nine. These are weekly bounties (over nine weeks) offered by Xur which upon completion, will reward you with powerful new gear, with extra incentives for wearing the full sets of armor.

Finally, if you’ve been lagging, you can benefit from Power Surge bounties being offered by the Drifter to catch you up to 640 ASAP.

In the image above, you can get a sense of when this content will be rolling out throughout the season via Bungie.

What You Get For Free By Owning Destiny 2 & Forsaken

While titled “free” content, it is actually free. You to have bought/obtained Destiny 2 already (obviously), and you’ll also need to have its first major expansion, Forsaken, for some things. But we’re talking about the content that you don’t need to buy the Annual Pass for, and you’ll have access to just by participating in the Season of the Drifter.

Certain exotic quests will also be available to all Destiny 2 owners according to the road map, but which one specifically was not mentioned in the Season of the Drifter roadmap.

Iron Banner, as always, is open to everyone and you’ll be able to obtain any new lore/triumph challenges that aren’t directly tied to the paid content you’re not able to play of course.

There’s going to be a new spring event, called The Revelry, which will also be open to everyone that owns Destiny 2. Maybe we’ll get to say hi to Eva again?

Of course, Eververse is still open for business, and there will be new vanity content that anyone can obtain.

All owners of Forsaken that take part in the Season of the Drifter will have access to Gambit (original) private matches and new maps that aren’t tied to Gambit Prime.

Finally, Forsaken owners will be able to benefit to a bump in their power level.

That’s all you need to know (for now) about what is free vs. what is paid in Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter. We’ll be sure to update this post if any clearer information becomes available.

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