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Dawn of Man: How to Get Straw

dawn of man, how to get straw

Dawn of Man: How to Get Straw

How to Get Straw in Dawn of Man

One of the most essential resources in Dawn of Man is straw, and that’s because grain can be used to create a number of things, including straw. Here’s how to get straw in Dawn of Man.

Dawn of Man is a survival city-builder game set in the early, early ages of man (hence, Dawn of Man) developed by the team behind Planetbase, Madruga Works. Similar to Planetbase, which is a game that sees you building and managing a colony in space, Dawn of Man is all about creating a settlement and keeping those that call it home alive.

Keeping your people, animals and crops alive is what the game is all about and it’s where you’ll find the most challenge, as you would in most survival games. While maintaining the lives of your people, animals and crops, though, you’re also tasked with managing a settlement in the most efficient way possible.

There are a number of ways to ensure success in this game — shelter, food and water are a great start — but to truly excel, you’ll need to utilize grain as much as possible. Grain can be turned into food, which keeps your village alive, beer, which keeps morale high and straw, which keeps your people sheltered.

To get straw, the first thing you need to do is find a plot of land good for farming. This farming land needs to be close to your settlement so that your workers aren’t wasting energy getting there and it needs to be close to water for irrigation purposes.

Once you’ve found a great plot of land, plant some grain. Do this as you would any other crop (highlight the area, select a seed and plant it).

In time, your grain will grow. When it’s harvesting season, harvest the grain.

With grain in your inventory, you can do a number of things with it, including process it into straw. That’s obviously what you’re after so process your grain into straw.

Now that you’ve got straw, you can use it to create shelter or fortify the shelter you already have. To get more straw, continue growing grain.

Another way to obtain straw is by trading with others, although this method isn’t as guaranteed as growing grain.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get straw in Dawn of Man. For more information about Dawn of Man, be sure to check out Twinfinite for news, guides and more. Here at Twinfinite, we’ve also got news, reviews, previews, op-eds, features and guides for all of your favorite games too so be sure to look around the site.

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