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5 Other Tales Remasters That Need to Happen ASAP


5 Other Tales Remasters That Need to Happen ASAP

Tales Remasters That Need to Happen

Tales of Destiny and Destiny 2

While Tales of Phantasia was the first game in the series, Tales of Destiny is really where it found its groove. Despite being such an early title, Destiny is still one of the most beloved games in the franchise, mostly because of fantastic characters like Stahl, Leon, and Rutee.

Sadly, the only way you can play Tales of Destiny in the west is by finding an original PS1 copy, something that isn’t easy or cheap.

Unfortunately, there was also a full PS2 remake of the game that never made its way west, with completely remade graphics, and enhanced combat system, new scenes and a skit system, and more.

To make matters even worse, the West has also never gotten Tales of Destiny 2, a sequel that stars Stahn and Rutee’s son Kyle Dunamis.

Consider Tales of Destiny was the very first Tales game that ever made its way west, it served as an introduction to the series for many people.

It’s a PS1 classic that’s faded into obscurity, and it really shouldn’t be that way. With the Tales series more popular than ever now, it’d be the perfect time for Bandai Namco to finally bring the Destiny remake and its sequel west in one bundle.

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