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Furistas Cat Cafe: How to Unlock All Cats


Furistas Cat Cafe: How to Unlock All Cats

Furistas Cat Cafe lets you live out your dreams of owning a cafe filled to the brim with cats. But first, you have to have cats of course. Here’s how to unlock all cats in Furistas Cat Cafe.

Furistas Cat Cafe is a mobile game that sees you, the player, run a cat cafe. While cat cafes haven’t really taken off in the West, in places like Japan, they’re becoming more and more common and for good reason, they are great!

The game doesn’t have too much going on in the realm of gameplay and mechanics. Instead it strives to be a chill experience, but if you want to unlock every cat in the game, there are some things to know.

The most important thing to do is play often. After about 20 minutes with a session, you won’t have much to do other than wait and watch.

Because of this, we recommend playing in 20 minute bursts. Login, collect your rewards, do what you need to do with your feline friends and repeat. Naturally, by playing more, which is what this tip will have you doing, you’ll unlock more of them more often.

It’s important to note that which you get is random. You’ll just need to keep playing and hoping that the RNG gods shine on you that particular day.

The next tip is obvious, but it’s an important one nonetheless: match the right cat to the right customer. When a customer comes that hasn’t yet been paired, they’ll have an icon over their head. Select that customer and find a cat in your list of ones available that matches the icon over this customer’s head.

While parting personalities is important in Furistas Cat Cafe, you should never let a customer wait, especially a high-level customer. If a high-level customer comes in, immediately pair them with a cat (which must be at least equal level).

Sometimes you can pair the right cat with this customer, but if you can’t, you should still pair one to them. This ensures that your high-level customers aren’t waiting around, damaging your cafe’s overall reputation.

During all of this, you should be looking for baskets within the store to open. Sometimes they give you some really great stuff and sometimes they don’t give you anything of note. There is always a free one, though, so take advantage of that.

While looking for baskets, keep an eye out for exclamation marks, too. These are present to notify you that a mini-game is available for you to play and the more mini games you play, the more money you make.

That does it for our tips on how to ensure you unlock every cat in Furistas Cat Cafe. For more tips and tricks, or any answers to questions you might have, refer back to Twinfinite’s guides for all the help you need.

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