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Metro Exodus: What the Numbered Tiles Mean

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Metro Exodus: What the Numbered Tiles Mean

What the Numbered Tiles Mean in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus continues the story of Artyom, this time with a more hopeful tone as you help the Rangers search for a new home. Most of the story deals with traveling across the Russian countryside in the Aurora, a train that functions as the Ranger’s home base. There’s are some neat mechanics dealing with travel and how far you’ve come, so here’s what the numbered tiles mean in Metro Exodus.

Every time you save or load in Metro Exodus you’ll see six numbered tiles pop up at the bottom left of the screen, and they actually do mean something different depending on if you’re saving or loading.

When saving in Metro Exodus the tiles denote how far your party, as in Artyom and the Rangers, have traveled on their journey. The number displayed is in Kilometers (KM), and you’ll see the number increase periodically. However, it’s not entirely clear whether the distance represents what you’ve traveled by foot, or just includes the distance the Aurora has gone.

If we can find out any more clarification on the feature, we’ll make sure to update this guide.

On the other hand, while the game is loading the number on the tiles simply denotes the percentage it has loaded. Unfortunately, Metro Exodus’ loading times can be quite long, so you might want to get used to looking at those tiles for a bit.

Of course, loading times are undoubtedly something that can be improved upon with future patches for the game.

Hopefully, that clears up what the numbered tiles mean in Metro Exodus.

For even more tips on the game, make sure to search Twinfinite and take a look at our extensive Metro Exodus guide wiki. There’s plenty of other info you might want while playing, like how to find crafting tables or how to install gear upgrades.

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