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Metro Exodus: How to Use Your Flashlight

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Metro Exodus: How to Use Your Flashlight

How to Use Your Flashlight in Metro Exodus

The world of Metro Exodus is filled with plenty of horrors to take down, both the human and monster kinds. While you will be making your way up to the surface for part of the game, you’ll still need to head down into the dark, dank Metro tunnels at times as well. Just for those instances, here’s how to use your flashlight in Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus is essentially split into two different gameplay segments, one where you’re exploring open world environments, and the other more linear segments where you’ll be cramped in tight, dark corridors. In both cases, you might need to grab your flashlight as areas will be pitch black, and the game has a new dynamic day-night system.

How to Use Your Flashlight

To use your flashlight in Metro Exodus all you need to do is hit left on the D-Pad. Hitting the button again will put the flashlight away. However, the flashlight will grow dimmer over time, and if you’ve played a Metro game before you might be familiar with how it all works.

How to Recharge Your Flashlight in Metro Exodus

The flashlight has about 15-20 minutes of total charge, but you’ll see it grow dimmer and dimmer over time, which obviously isn’t ideal when you’re looking out for items and enemies in the dark. You can charge it in Metro Exodus by holding left on the D-Pad and then using R2/ RT to charge it.

It’s also important for you to be aware of where you’re using your flashlight. Be careful using it in areas that have enemies as they’ll immediately be able to spot it and see where you are. Make sure to put it away real quick, especially if you see human enemies, as they’ll more often than not be in groups.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use your flashlight in Metro Exodus. For even more tips and tricks, make sure to search Twinfinite and take a look at our Metro Exodus wiki guide.

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