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Metro Exodus: How to Get More Crafting Materials

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Metro Exodus: How to Get More Crafting Materials

How to Get More Crafting Materials In Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus sees Artyom leaving Moscow’s familiar metro stations behind and venturing above ground. While the ravages of nuclear war are still unmistakably present, the surface holds enough things that can be put to good use by crafty survivors. Here’s how to get more crafting materials in Metro Exodus.

Crafting materials in Metro Exodus are primarily used for stocking up on three things vital for survival. Ammo ensures that those hostile humans and mutants stay dead once you’ve put a few holes through them. Mask filters are your portable oxygen supply, useful in areas where it’s hard to breathe. Lastly, medkits are used in patching up potential nasty wounds.

There are two types of crafting materials in Metro Exodus: metal and chemical. You’re guaranteed to receive different amounts at the end of each mission, but they’re also found while exploring the game’s open world.

Just like with ammo, metal boxes and lockers are worth checking for both types of crafting materials. Open them by pressing Square (X) and press the button again to pick up whatever is inside.

You can find small quantities of metal on tables, while the green glowing orbs inside caves, whether on the floor or walls, also reward between 1 and 3 chemical crafting materials. Looting fallen humans can also yield both metal and chemical materials.

Generally speaking, it’s best to explore as much as you can, while searching every room and cave, alongside looting every human opponent that’s either dead or rendered unconscious.

It’s a good idea to always have a good stock of crafting materials on you, so you’ll be able to craft whatever you need in a pinch.

That’s all you need to know about how to get more crafting materials in Metro Exodus. For more guides, tips and tricks, you can either check out our Metro Exodus guide wiki, or simply search Twinfinite.

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