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Jump Force: How to Teleport Dodge

Jump Force, Teleport Dodge

Jump Force: How to Teleport Dodge

How to Teleport Dodge in Jump Force

Jump Force is deceptively deep in how much it allows players to do in combat, and as such some players may be unclear on how to teleport dodge. Here’s how to teleport dodge in Jump Force.

A mechanic that is vital in escaping enemy combos, the teleport dodge allows players to warp to the side of an enemy and out of the immediate range of their attacks.

Knowing how to use them properly can be the deciding factor between achieving a close victory or suffering a decisive defeat.

As such, we’ve prepared a helpful guide on how to teleport dodge, the gameplay mechanics tied to it and elements of it that the game doesn’t tell you about.

How to Use It

Players can execute a teleport dodge by pressing L1 or R1, or the left an right bumper, on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One respectively right before an enemy attack lands.

This applies to any attack from any character in the game, including special and super attacks, and can be used by any character in the game as well.

However, it should be noted that the dodge does have a cooldown period after it has been used. As such, players won’t be able to use it for a brief period after its first use.

When to Use It

With all this in mind, there are times that are more opportune to use a teleport dodge than others.

One of the best moments to use one is when you need to escape from taking a super or special attack head on.

This does involve some risk as you’ll take massive damage if you mess it up, but successfully pulling it off will put you in an enemy’s blind spot while they’re stuck in their super animation and give you a chance to lock them in a combo.

Speaking of which, you can also use a teleport dodge to pursue an enemy after they break out of a combo you’ve put them in. After they’ve teleport dodged away from you, wait for their attack and than dodge yourself.

Once you have, you can lock them into another combo, except this time they won’t be able to escape as easily due to their dodge needing to cool down.

Stick to these strategies and you’ll be dodging like a a pro in no time. That’s all you need to know about how to teleport dodge in Jump Force.

Jump Force is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more on the game, check out our Jump Force guide wiki for more tips, tricks and secrets.

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