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Jump Force: How to Use Super Attacks

Jump Force, Super Attacks

Jump Force: How to Use Super Attacks

How to Use Super Attacks in Jump Force

Jump Force isn’t nearly as much fun if you don’t know how to use super attacks, and that’s why we’re here today to walk you through it step by step. Here’s how to use super attacks in Jump Force.

Available for use by all of Jump Force’s roster members, these allow players to use the iconic attacks and techniques of their favorite characters in all their devastating glory.

These can range from beam attacks like Goku’s Kamehameha, Chakra infused strikes like Naruto’s Chidori or vicious melee strikes like Midoriya’s One for All Smash.

No matter which one you choose though, they’re sure to deal heavy damage to your opponent if they connect and treat you to a decent recreation of the iconic move in the process.

Super attacks can be triggered by holding down R2 or the right trigger on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One respectively, and then pressing one of the four face buttons to trigger a specific attack.

Each character has up to four super attacks, one of which is a special finishing move that will deal the most damage. This is typically the character’s finishing move, and will have a large wind up before it is actually triggered.

It’s worth noting that each super will also cost characters a certain amount of energy. Regular super attacks typically cost one bar of energy, while their special move costs three.

Likewise, supers can be chained onto combos at anytime and allow players to juggle opponents longer than if they stuck to basic attacks.

To maximize their effectiveness, aim to save your supers for the end of a combo to maximize the damage you deal to an opponent in one go.

Hopefully this clears up how to use super attacks in Jump Force. Jump Force is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more on the game, check out our Jump Force guide wiki for tips, tricks and secrets galore.

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