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Jump Force: How to Get J Skills and Abilities

Jump Force, Abilities and J Skills

Jump Force: How to Get J Skills and Abilities

How to Get J Skills and Abilities in Jump Force

If you’re like most players, you’re probably wondering how to get J skills and abilities in Jump Force.

Ranging from iconic attacks and techniques used by members of the game’s roster to passive buffs that boost your created characters’ stats, skills and abilities are plentiful in Jump Force and can be obtained in a number of ways.

How to Get Abilities in Jump Force

They can be unlocked by either purchasing them from the shop or by completing the Art of Abilities missions.

Purchasing the basic variant runs you 3,000 gold for every basic ability, while the Awakened variety will cost 7,000 gold each. This is the faster of the two options, but it can end up depleting your funds rather quickly.

Art of Abilities missions in Jump Force, meanwhile, require you to compete against and defeat specific characters in order to access their techniques for use with your own character.

More are unlocked as you progress through the main game and unlock more characters, so this option is best for those who are willing to play through the single player story.

How to Get J Skills

As for skills, there are two types players can unlock in Jump Force: Ability Skills and J Skills.

Ability Skills boost the elements of the player’s special attacks, like their duration or the length of their cool down period. J-Skills can boost one or more of the player character’s stats, and players can only have three equipped at one time.

The requirements to unlock these are a little more specific than with abilities.

While Ability Skills can still be unlocked via purchase from shops or by completing Free Missions in Jump Force – basically freely playable missions unlocked as you progress through the game – J Skills can only be unlocked by completing Free Missions.

As such, you’ll need to play through the game’s story to unlock more missions, and in extension more opportunities to unlock skills.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get J skills and abilities in Jump Force. The game is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more tips, tricks and info, check out our Jump Force guide wiki.

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