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Jump Force: How to Play Local & Online Versus Multiplayer

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Jump Force: How to Play Local & Online Versus Multiplayer

How to Play Local and Online Versus Multiplayer in Jump Force

The meat of the gameplay in Jump Force comes from competing against others in multiplayer matches. There’s nothing better than testing your skills against other players. As such you’ll want to learn how to play local and online versus multiplayer in Jump Force.

Available after completing the opening portion of Jump Force, the versus multiplayer component is about what you’d expect from an arena battle fighting game and allows you to battle players both local and across the world.

Multiplayer in Jump Force is accessed by speaking to the NPCs found in the big stand in the middle of the hub world with the markers “Offline Battle” and “Online Battle” visible above their heads.

The Offline Battle NPC will cover player vs. CPU battles in Jump Force, as well as local multiplayer matches. Talk to this NPC to play with local multiplayer with friends.

The Online Battle NPC, meanwhile, will provide players with three different matchmaking modes to choose from: Ranked Match, Friendly Match, and Quick Match.

The Ranked Match multiplayer option in Jump Force will pit you against other players looking to establish themselves as the best players in the world and will pair you accordingly based on your own rank.

Friendly Match pits you against other players who want to compete, but aren’t worried about holding a rank. This mode can be customized with special settings and conditions that both players agree to.

Finally, Quick Match throws you in a fight with another player using the game’s stock standard battle conditions and parameters. As the name implies, it’s the quickest type of match to set up and perfect for players who want to drop in and out of matches.

Choose the mode that best fits your desired type of versus multiplayer and you’ll be getting the most out of the game in no time.

How to Play Online with Friends

If you’re looking to play against your friends online in Jump Force, we’ve got steps on how to do exactly that outlined down below.

  • Go to the main lobby and head over to the Online Battle desk.
  • From there, select the “Friendly Match” option. You can also switch the matchmaking parameters to whatever you want afterward.
  • Make sure to tick the “Friend Invite” too, so you can bring other people to your match in Jump Force.
  • You can now select your three characters along with the stage you want to fight in.
  • Once the game goes into the matchmaking process, it’ll automatically pull up an Invite Players screen.
  • You can then select a friend to invite to your match.

That’s all you need to know to play local and online multiplayer in Jump Force. For more tips, tricks and info, check out our guide wiki.

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