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Jump Force: How to Guard

Jump Force, Guard

Jump Force: How to Guard

How to Guard in Jump Force

It’s may be one of the more base mechanics in Jump Force, but it’s still important to remember how to guard in Jump Force if you want to last long in any of the game’s fights.

Executed by pressing and holding R1 on PlayStation 4 or the Front Right Bumper on Xbox One, every character in Jump Force can guard themselves against incoming enemy attacks.

This includes garden variety combos, super attacks and techniques, and finishing moves that would otherwise tear your health bar to ribbons.

With that said though, it isn’t invincible. A character’s guard can be broken in Jump Force if you sustain too much damage while guarding or are hit with a charged strike, opening you up to a combo from your opponent as a result.

It also can’t be used if you’re already stuck in a combo, as it requires a short window of your character not taking damage to kick in.

Likewise, it won’t protect you from an attack that comes at your character from behind.

If your opponent manages to get behind you with a teleport dodge in Jump Force, they’ll be able to lock you into a combo even with your guard up, and will continue to deal full damage to you even if you continue holding the guard button.

As a result, it’s important to remember your block’s limitations and use it at the appropriate time. Try to predict when and from where your opponent will be attacking before putting up your guard.

If they trigger a super or finisher and you’re not stuck in a combo they’ve already initiated, ready it while their super animation and cutscene is winding up.

Keep these elements in mind and you’ll be guarding like a pro in no time.

That’s all you need to know on how to guard in Jump Force. For more tips, tricks and secrets, check out our Jump Force guide wiki.

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