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Fortnite Season 8: What Level 320,000 XP Is

Fortnite Season 8 What Level 320,000 XP is

Fortnite Season 8: What Level 320,000 XP Is

What Level 320,000 XP Is in Fortnite Season 8

Yet another season of Fortnite is upon us and this time, Epic Games has left behind the snowy peaks of Season 7 in favor of a sunny and tropical season this time around. Here’s what level 320,000 XP is in Fortnite Season 8.

In Fortnite, millions played through superheroes and supervillains, Halloween, the winter holidays and now, players will leave port to take on a tropical, pirate, loot-finding adventure. Accordingly, there are a lot of new things in the game now and a lot of them fit right in with this season’s theme.

There’s pirate cannons, pirate ships, pirate outfits, banana skins, a volcano, lava flowing through an area of the map and so much more. If you’re interested in reading about everything new to the game this season, we’ve got you covered.

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While the new changes that come with each season are exciting, it’s the level system in the game that keeps players engaged from day to day. That’s why you’re here, right?

What Level is 320,000 XP?

Before we jump into the answer, it’s important to note that Epic Games has not yet released official numbers regarding XP and leveling up this season. However, this is Season 8 so using past numbers, we’ve got a pretty good idea of where 320,000 XP nets out.

To get to level 67, you need to earn 326,250 XP so when you hit level 67, you’ll have already passed the threshold for 320,000 XP. Naturally, that means that 320,000 XP in Fortnite Season 8 will see you at level 66.

When you finally reach level 66, you’ll have earned 313,550 XP so level 66 is a great way to determine how far of you are from hitting 320,000 XP.

Hopefully, that clears up what level 320,000 XP is in Fortnite. Now that you’ve got the answer, check out some of our other guides:

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