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Fortnite RV Park & Motel Locations: Where the RV Park & Motel Are for Overtime Challenge


Fortnite RV Park & Motel Locations: Where the RV Park & Motel Are for Overtime Challenge

Where the RV Park and Motel Locations Are in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Overtime challenges have just arrived in the game, granting players the ability to net themselves a free Season 8 Battle Pass. One of the first few Overtime challenges tasks players to ‘Search Chests and Ammo Boxes in an RV Park and Motel’. Here’s where the RV Park and Motel locations are in Fortnite.

As stated in the challenge title, you can search the seven chests or ammo boxes you need at either the RV Park or the Motel. As such, we’ve detailed the locations of both, including screenshots and a handy map, down below.

RV Park and Motel Locations on Fortnite’s Map

On the map below, you’ll see we’ve rather horrendously free-hand circled the locations of the RV Park and Motel in Fortnite. The Motel is up at the top, just to the west of Lazy Links, while the RV Park can be found to the east of Retail Row.

where to find motel and RV in Fortnite

If you’re struggling to still track these locations down in Fortnite, fear not, we’ve got grid co-ordinates and in-game screenshots for each down below.

Where the RV Park Is in Fortnite – I5/ I6

The RV Park isn’t actually all that hard to find once you know where you need to go. Simply head towards Retail Row, and then keep heading a little further east.

Where the RV Park location is in Fortnite

Fortnite’s RV Park has a large red barn in it, and a number of RVs parked up around little gazebos and the like. There aren’t a whole lot of chests here, save a couple inside the barn, but the place has a good amount of ammo boxes that are perfect for this challenge.

Where the Motel Location Is – D2

Fortnite’s Motel can be found in D2, just west of Lazy Links. You’ll want to make sure you’re landing on a weapon first here before adventuring in, as there could be a fair few people around.

Motel Location in Fortnite

That’s all you need to know on where the RV Park is in Fortnite, and where the Motel is, too. For more tips, tricks, and guides for the current season, be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 7 guide wiki.

We’ve even got guides on how to get those Creative Mode coins fast and easy, for the other Overtime challenge, too!

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