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Far Cry New Dawn: How to Get Ethanol

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Far Cry New Dawn: How to Get Ethanol

How to Get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn is a standalone sequel to Far Cry 5, and the game brings us back to Hope County. However, this game introduces a brand new resource in the form of Ethanol, which is required for doing some pretty important things in the game. Here’s how to get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn.

There are a couple of good ways to get Ethanol quickly in Far Cry New Dawn, as listed below:

  • Liberating Outposts and Repeating Them
  • Waiting for Supply Drops
  • Hijacking Enemy Trucks

Liberating Outposts

Unlike in past Far Cry games, Far Cry New Dawn actually doesn’t feature that many outposts at all. There are only a handful of them in the game, but they are a very good source of Ethanol, and they can be repeated.

Whenever you find an outpost, liberating it will reward you with a set amount of Ethanol. If you manage to liberate it without alerting any enemies, or you manage to disable all alarms, you’ll get a bonus.

After liberating an outpost, you then have the option of scavenging it, which means that the Highwaymen will come back to take it over. However, if you manage to take it back, you’ll get another Ethanol bonus. Do note that the Highwaymen’s defenses will be strengthened if you choose to do this.

Looting Supply Drops

Every so often, Far Cry New Dawn will inform you that a supply drop is nearby. When this happens, look up in the sky to find an airplane flying overhead. Before long, it’ll drop a large crate near your location.

Head over to the crate and loot it, and you’ll be rewarded with around 35 Ethanol. There will usually be enemies nearby waiting to loot it as well, so be careful.

Hijacking Enemy Trucks to Get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn

Lastly, you can also get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn by hijacking enemy trucks. Whenever an enemy convoy passes you by, there’s a chance that there’ll be a truck with the word Ethanol labeled on it.

Don’t destroy the truck; instead, try to kill the drivers and hijack it yourself to get the reward.

Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn is used to upgrade camp facilities to help strengthen Prosperity in general, as such, it’s an incredibly important resource.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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