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Division 2 Private Beta: How to Get Friend Codes & Play With Friends

The Division 2, Private Beta, friend codes

Division 2 Private Beta: How to Get Friend Codes & Play With Friends

How to Get The Division 2 Private Beta Friend Codes and Play With Your Friends

Ubisoft’s hotly-anticipated sequel, The Division 2, is just around the corner but before it releases on March 15, there will be a private beta for those who preorder the game. Here’s how to get a friend code and play with your friends in The Division 2 Private Beta.

The first thing you need to do to gain access to friend codes and play with your friends during the private beta is gain access to the private beta.

From Feb. 7, 4:00 a.m., to Feb. 11, 4:00 a.m., Ubisoft will hold a private beta for players that have preordered the game on PC, PS4 or Xbox One either physically or digitally.

As the name states, the beta is private and not open to the public. Only those who preorder the game can play in the beta, which means your friends that don’t preorder won’t be able to join you.

Or will they?

Similar to other betas and demo, like the recent Anthem VIP Demo, during this private beta for The Division 2, players in the beta will receive friend codes to give to those that wouldn’t be able to play otherwise.

Before we jump in to friend codes, though, let’s talk about getting into the beta.

How to Gain Access to the Beta

If you preordered a digital version of the game, you don’t need to worry about anything. Simply wait until the beta is available for download on your platform of choice and jump right in.

If you preorder for PC not via the Ubisoft Store, ensure your PC key has been activated before jumping into the beta.

If you preordered the game physically, you should have a code on the bottom of your receipt that, after plugging into the “redeem” section of your respective online marketplace, should get you into the private beta.

Pro-tip: If you don’t have the money to purchase the game in full, you can go to GameStop and preorder the game with just a $5 deposit. This $5 deposit will net you a receipt that will have a beta code at the bottom.

How to Send Your Friends Invitations

Now that you’re formally invited to the private beta, here’s how to get your friends involved.

To gain access to your friend invitations, of which there is no limit, go to the official The Division 2 website. Then, navigate down to the “FRIEND INVITATIONS” area.

There, you must login to provide credentials to the beta. It’s important that you login in to the game at least once before inviting friends.

After logging on, you’ll see a list of your Ubisoft friends. If you aren’t Ubisoft friends with someone you want to give an invitation to, follow the steps to become friends.

Once you are Ubisoft friends, find their name in your Ubisoft Friends List located on the right side of the dashboard. Select the friend you want to invite and click, “Invite.”

This will send your friend an invite and after accepting, they’ll be able to download the beta and jump in.

Friends who already preordered the game or have already been invited to the game will not be able to receive additional invites.

How to Party up With Your Friends

With your friends in the beta, it’s time to party up. Find their name under the social tab.

Then, select their name and click the option to invite them to your group. After they accept the invite, they should be warped into your party.

If you aren’t familiar with what this is like, it’s very similar to how partying up worked in The Division. You can read about that here.

That does it for how to get a friend code and play with your friends in The Division 2 Private Beta.


Question: How to Get into The Division 2 Private Beta and play with friends?

Answer: Preorder the game. Login to your Ubisoft account. Find the friend in your friends list and select the invite option to send them a private beta invite.

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