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Apex Legends: Can You Dance & Emote? Answered

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Apex Legends: Can You Dance & Emote? Answered

Can You Dance & Emote in Apex Legends? Answered

Apex Legends is really starting to hit its stride after launching earlier this week. Millions of players are now enjoying the battle royale game, many of whom have likely migrated from other games in the genre. But can you dance and emote in Apex Legends as you would in those other games? We’ve got your answer.

Multiplayer games have increasingly incorporated social features in recent years, and dancing is perhaps the most vivid example of this. It’s become almost a staple for them to include some form of taunt or dance that players can use to inject a bit of a real-world pizazz into the experience.

Fortnite and Destiny are major releases that immediately spring to mind, the latter of which has made headlines for borrowing one too many famous moves from memes and sports stars. But what about Apex Legends? Can you floss, dab, and shuffle like a raving lunatic?

Unfortunately, we’re here to disappoint all the show ponies out there. You cannot dance or emote in Apex Legends.

There is, however, a few ways to show-off if you’re wanting to make an impression on your enemies or teammates. Apex Legends features different quips that each Legend will say during the intro sequence or after scoring a kill.

There are also different finishing moves that can be used after knocking down an enemy. Some of these do actually incorporate dancing, such as Gibraltar’s War Cry, Pathfinder’s first finisher, and Mirage’s first finisher.

How to Equip Quips & Finishers

To actually equip both equips and finishers, simply head to the Legends menu from the start screen and then scroll across to the section. You’ll notice that most of them are locked. To unlock quips and finishers you’ll need to gather crafting materials, which is done in matches.

That’s all the information we have about whether you can dance and emote in Apex Legends. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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