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8 Things to Do First in Anthem as Soon as You Start Playing


8 Things to Do First in Anthem as Soon as You Start Playing

Things to Do First in Anthem

1. Play The First Few Missions Offline

anthem things to do first

Anthem is the hot new shared-world shooter on the block, and this might seem counterintuitive, but stick with me. Play through the opening act on your own, get a feel for the world BioWare has crafted, and decide whether the narrative that is being told is working for you.

The narrative in these kinds of games can get the short end of the stick, as you generally want to jump into action with your friends as soon as possible. While that is all well and good, and one of the games biggest draws, it can be hard to follow the plot with a full squad of hooligans urging you to hurry up.

Take your time, and get immersed. That being said…

2. Anthem Plays Better With a Full Squad

Anthem is a multiplayer game, and as you might imagine, it’s much more fun with friends. Soaring through the skies, and delving into dark dungeons, with some buddies at your side is the way this game was designed to be played.

Not only is it more fun, but it’s actually more economical to play with a group. You will earn more experience when grouped up, and of course, you will clear content quicker. It should go without saying that Anthem’s endgame content is challenging, and teamwork and coordination will be required to succeed.

Recruit yourself a static as soon as possible, and learn your roles.

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