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Anthem: Is There a Difficulty Trophy & Achievement?

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Anthem: Is There a Difficulty Trophy & Achievement?

Is There a Difficulty Trophy & Achievement in Anthem?

As far as trophies and achievements go, Anthem has a pretty great list. Is there a difficulty trophy and difficulty achievement in Anthem, though? Here’s what you need to know.

Anthem’s full release happens this Friday, Feb. 22, but a lot of freelancers are already flying around. That’s thanks to the game’s early access period available to PC and Xbox One users only.

The reason early access isn’t available on PS4 is because EA Origin Access isn’t available on the system. It is, however, available on the Xbox One and on PC.

On Xbox One, users can subscribe to EA Origin Basic Access to gain access to a 10-hour trial of Anthem right now (and they’ve been able to do so since Feb. 15). On PC, users can subscribe to EA Origin Premiere Access to play the game in full right now (and they have also been able to do so since Feb. 15).

For PS4 users and trophy hunters alike, your release date is what is has always been: Feb. 22.

Regardless of when you get to the play the game, the achievements and trophies to earn are all the same. Is there an achievement or trophy associated with difficulty, though?

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your video game challenge tenacity, there is no trophy or achievement specifically tied to a difficulty.

That’s a relief because nothing would slow down the hunt faster than a trophy like, “Complete this stronghold on Grandmaster 3 difficulty” (don’t get any ideas BioWare).

If the word Grandmaster strikes you as odd, that might be because you’re unaware of Anthem’s six different difficulties (you read that right). There is Easy, Normal, Hard, Grandmaster 1, Grandmaster 2 and Grandmaster 3.

The latter difficulties were created for endgame progression so expect those to be extremely difficult. Don’t believe us?

The Grandmaster 3 difficulty ramps up enemy health and damage by 950 percent. A mission that might usually take 20 minutes on Hard could take upwards of an hour to complete on Grandmaster 3.

If you’re itching for this high-level challenge, you’ll first need to complete the main story of Anthem. You’ll also need to be a Freelancer that is at least level 30.

After that, when you select a mission in Fort Tarsis, you should see the Grandmaster 3 difficulty available for you to choose.

That’s everything you ned to know for if there a difficulty trophy and difficulty achievement in Anthem. For more information about the game, be sure to check out our Anthem Guide Wiki. There, you’ll find tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more to help you become the best Freelancer in Fort Tarsis.

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