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Anthem: Best Javelin for Every Playstyle


Anthem: Best Javelin for Every Playstyle

Best Javelin in Anthem for Every Playstyle

The coolest and most distinctive aspect of Anthem has to be the javelin, the armored exosuits that you pilot in defense of Fort Tarsis and its surrounds. These flying instruments of destruction come in four distinct styles, at least at launch, and there is one for every playstyle. Here are the best Javelins in Anthem for every playstyle.


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  • Best Javelin in Anthem for: Players want to a little bit of everything, prefer traditional shooter games
  • Core Traits: Versatile, and reliable in all situations

The Ranger is the all-rounder suit and is the one you pilot from the beginning of your adventure in Anthem. It can be equipped with a wide variety of different weapons, which is perfect for newcomers trying to find their feet. The Ranger is a highly efficient suit, capable of performing well both at a range or up close.

This suit is a great place to start, and its adaptability means that in skilled hands it can perform well from the opening act right into Anthem’s endgame.



  • Best Javelin in Anthem for: Defensive minded players that like to be able to take a punch, and then hit back hard
  • Core Traits: High defense and survivability, able to equip the heaviest weaponry, slow speed

The Colossus is the armored fist of the javelin arsenal, able to equip the heaviest weapons and lay waste to any and all threats you might face. Their thick armor and high survivability mean that if you played the tank role in MMO’s then this is the suit for you.

Capable of laying down withering covering fire, and bringing the hurt up close, the Colossus will always be a bulwark in for other javelins to rally around.


  • Best Javelin in Anthem for: Experienced players that favor an aggressive, high-risk high-reward approach
  • Core Traits: High speed and melee damage, low armor

The scalpel to the Colossus’ sledgehammer, the Interceptor is a lighting fast suit designed for surgical strikes up close. While it favors melee attacks, piloting the Interceptor should be an exercise in hit-and-run tactics, as it has the lowest armor of all suits, and can not stand up to concentrated fire for long.

Players looking for a high-risk high-reward approach to combat will be right at home, it has an incredibly high skill ceiling and should be reserved for more experienced players.



  • Best Javelin in Anthem for: Players that like to engage at a longer range, with a focus on support from the air
  • Core Traits: Advanced flight capabilities, capable of inflicting elemental damage

The Storm class javelin focuses on long-range combat and elemental attacks, but like the Interceptor is not designed to take big hits. Functioning like a glass-cannon, the Storm also boasts the longest flight time of all javelins, able to remain aloft far longer than the others.

If you like to play a sniper in other shooters then the Storm is the javelin for you. Your role is to provide a high damage output while hanging back and covering your teammates. It is one of the more advanced suits, but once you are familiar with its intricacies, one of the most powerful.

Our Suggestions for the Best Javelin to Pick

Beginners, or people not yet accustomed to how Anthem plays yet, should stick to the Ranger for at least the first few hours, just until you become comfortable with the mechanics of the game, just because it’s the suit that plays the most like regular non sci-fi shooters.

From there, a logical step would be to move into a more specialized suit, either the Interceptor for players that want to engage up close or the Storm for more support-minded players. The Colossus is also quite a forgiving class thanks to its heavy armor, but it’s slower speed can take some getting used to.

Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the right javelin to suit your playstyle. Remember, nothing is set in stone, and there is a lot of room for variation within each suit.

That’s all you need to know about the best Javelin in Anthem for every playstyle. For more on Anthem, check out our all-encompassing wiki guide, which is full of helpful articles to keep you at the top of your game.

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