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Top 5 Best Action Games of Q4 2018


Top 5 Best Action Games of Q4 2018

The last quarter of 2018 was jam-packed with top of the line action gaming experiences, from shooters and stealth titles to open world epics. Some were better than others though, and these were the top five best action games of Q4 2018.

Best Action Games Q4 2018

Hitman 2

Steam, Hitman 2, Action Games 2018

The cue-balled killer Agent 47 was back and better than ever in Hitman 2, a sequel which had plenty to offer to fans of the stealth-action franchise new and old.

Still hot on the trail of a shadowy organization and its members, Agent 47’s latest adventure gave players more freedom than ever in how they pulled off their assassinations, whether that meant a quick shot from a sniper rifle or something more elaborate.

Of course, half the fun of the series comes from environmental kills, and Hitman 2 has no shortage of options for players to explore in that regard.

Each area in the game has its own array of potential death dealers. One area alone could include a poorly fastened chandelier above a party of rich cultists, a branding tool left carelessly unattended or an entire arsenal of firearms in a pantry.

Finding and pulling off each of these methods for murdering a target, and managing to escape without being detected once the chaos commenced, provided plenty enough to make it an experience that fans both new and old found appealing.

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