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Top 10 Most Memorable Gaming Villains of This Generation, Ranked


Top 10 Most Memorable Gaming Villains of This Generation, Ranked

Best Villains of This Console Generation

10. Jack Baker, Resident Evil VII

Who would’ve thought that one of the most memorable villains of this generation would be from Resident Evil? A series that fans thought was all but dead after the sixth main entry.

Resident Evil 7 single-handedly revitalized the series by introducing a brand new protagonist, implementing first-person view, and giving us a group of wacky villains in the form of the kooky Baker family. In particular, Jack Baker serves as one of the most frightening villains we’ve seen in the series.

Sure, Marguerite’s creepy and all with those bugs of hers, but Jack fulfills the horror movie trope of the undying boogeyman that just won’t stop chasing you down. He brings back insane Nemesis memories from Resident Evil 3, and while I’m typically not a fan of run-and-hide style horror games like Outlast and Amnesia, RE7 is careful not to overuse these sequences, allowing players to suffer with just the right amount of tension in each encounter.

Jack is delightfully maniacal in your encounters with him (“I’m gonna take you for a ride!”), and his voice actor delivers his lines with so much gusto. His country boy accent just makes his character all the more memorable.

Jack Baker might just be your typical B-movie horror villain, but Resident Evil 7 embraces that side of him, and delivers a villain that’s so fantastic to watch from start to finish.

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