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Resident Evil 2 Beginner Tips


Resident Evil 2 Beginner Tips

Resident Evil 2 Beginner Tips

The Map Is Your Best Friend

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I started out by titling this section, “The Map Is Your Friend,” but then I realized that was a severe understatement. The map isn’t just your friend in Resident Evil 2. It’s your best friend. It can even be your lifelong partner. The map never lies, it always gives you what you need. Trust in the map.

In all seriousness though, it’s impossible to overstate just how crucial the map is to the Resident Evil 2 experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using this trusty tool in the game:

Red means you’re not done with a particular room, and blue means you can move on. When you look at the map, you’ll see that the different rooms are colored in red or blue. Unexplored areas will be colorless, and then they’ll fill in once you get there.

If a room is highlighted red, it means you haven’t explored it fully. It could be a random box of bullets you didn’t pick up, or it could be related to a puzzle that you’ll need to solve eventually. Either way, if you ever find yourself stuck and unable to progress in Resident Evil 2, check the map for red areas, then revisit them to see what you missed. Once the area is highlighted blue, it means you don’t have anything left to do in that room.

Items are always highlighted on the map. Here’s a neat little thing about the map. When you’re exploring a room and you happen to walk past an item and didn’t notice it, the map will actually note its location. Key items like puzzle pieces and computer terminals will be marked as well, so you’ll want to check it often.

Outside of all that, the map is just incredibly useful for general usage as well. Bringing it up allows you to pause the game and map a route around the station. Before long, you’ll know the station layout like the back of your hand, but before that, always use the map to confirm your next destination.

Seriously, check the map.

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