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Red Dead Online: How to Play Gun Rush Battle Royale Mode

Gun Rush

Red Dead Online: How to Play Gun Rush Battle Royale Mode

How to Play Gun Rush Battle Royale Mode in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is still in beta but Rockstar has been hard at work with balance changes and adding content over the course of its initial few months. The biggest addition is the brand-new battle royale mode titled Gun Rush. Here’s how to play Gun Rush Mode in Red Dead Online.

32 players will be put on a shrinking map and forced to scavenge for weapons and become the last person standing. This is similar to the mode Make it Count which was added at launch.

Make it Count, however, only included bows, tomahawks, and throwing knives, so adding weapons to the mix will drastically change the pace of each match.

Red Dead Online has a bevy of other modes like team deathmatch, free-for-all, races, and even a mode that scores based on which weapon you get a kill with. Gun Rush is surely just the beginning of the modes Rockstar will add over the course of Red Dead Online’s lifespan.

How do you jump into the new Gun Rush mode though? Well, we have the answer right below.

How to Play Gun Rush

You can enter the Gun Rush mode either by yourself or in the team based version. You can access both from the main menu before you load into Online. Once you reach the main menu simply scroll down once to the series playlist list and you will see both Gun Rush and Gun Rush Teams.

If you’re already in free roam you can still access Gun Rush by hitting left on the d-pad to open the online menu. Scroll down to the quick join option and click x. You will then see both Gun Rush and the teams mode. Select one to load into whichever you prefer.

For players looking for another reason to dive back into Red Dead Online this is a great reason to. Playing in matches will earn you in-game money and winning will net you even more.

For any fans of battle royale or Red Dead Redemption will be pleased with this and should check it out.

That’s all for how to play Gun Rush Mode in Red Dead Online. For more tips, tricks and guides be sure to check out our Red Dead Online wiki. You can also read our review of the campaign for Red Dead Redemption 2.

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